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Tableau on Iqbal's "bachay ki dua" (lab pay aati hay dua bun kay tammanna meri....)

Individual iqbal and other poetry recitals by kids and elders at Hyde Park

Learning by Doing Activities
    Art Corner (painting, coloring, sketching)
    Science Corner: Learning about density and floating
An egg sinks in plain water. When the salt was added to the water in sufficient quantity the density of the water increased and the egg began to float. Indicating that an object with density lesser than the fluid floats but an object of higher density would sink.

Out of the box thinking-2 workshop by Shahrukh and Shafaq Shahrukh

    For 7 and above kids and elder
This workshop demonstrated the use of out of the box thinking. The two wrists of a person were tied loosely with a string and entangled with his/her partner with the string tied with the two wrists of his/her partners hand. They had to free themselves from the entanglement without taking the hands out of the tie of the string on the wrists.

Round table with parents on holistic education
At Hyde Park
    Poetry Session
    Individual presentations (riddles, jokes, stories, improvisation)
At Art Corner
    Painting/Coloring and sketching
    Facilitation by artist, Ms. Zuhaira Mohsin
At Skills Corner
    Creative design workshop
    Facilitation by professional trainers
At Science Corner
    "They do it with mirrors"
Parenting round table