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Hyde Park:
Puppet Story
by: Sara Hyder & Children

Arts n Craft Center:
Perform a Brush Painting, its Create interest for children to learn painting and arts work and develop a creative ideas.
by: Hassan Hyder.

Science Corner:
Candle Balance Technique Using the Rules of Physics, Children Learn and also do a self Experiment individually.
by: Farhan Usmani
Accelerating Skills Center:
Make your own Family Tree, its a interesting way to give the knowledge our children for our entire family and its relation and worth.. also develop a child vocabulary,  for remembering a name or its relations.
by: Dr. Irfan Hyder
L2L Talk:
Talk for Starting Our Project Base Learning Week Day Program, its just a beginning, your participation, praying, and faith give us a Success for Secure your children future.
by: Dr. Irfan Hyder