posted Jan 12, 2011, 11:50 PM by Irfan Hyder   [ updated Apr 5, 2011, 2:25 AM ]
At Hyde Park: Story telling by Mr. Rayed Afzal, renowned educationist.
The story captivated the kids with actions, gestures, tone and an interesting plot around the ocean, fishes and animals.
At Science Corner:
1. Vacum Suction Force. Water in a glass when tilted spills over as the gravity pulls the water down. However, when a half filled glass is turned upside down with a cardboard on mouth, and once it is upside down, the cardboard is removed, the water does not fall down even when there is nothing stopping him. This highlights the suction force produced by the vacum.
2. Friction force: Two books are opened and their pages are interleaved partially. As the number of pages of interleaved pages is increased, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove the pages. The friction force does not allow the pages to be just slid apart. Guided by Hasan and Omar Mohsin.
Arts Corner:
How to make a lady bug with plaster of paris. Using plaster of paris, the kids used a spoon, some coloring and glitter and common pins to make a really attractive looking lady bug. The activity highlighted the creativity and possibility of innovation with simple materials. Enjoyed immensely by the kids.
Activity conducte by Ms. Shafaq Shahrukh
Skills Center; Excelarating skill activity: Suna Kiya! Conducted by Shahrukh
1. Imperfection of verbal communication. A small message was told to a participant loudly and was repeated also. Four other participants were earlier sent outside the room. The participant who was initially given the message came on the stage relayed the message to the first of the four was called in from outside the room and on the stage. The audience in the room clearly saw the information loss. Then the second one was called from outside and the first relayed what he had heard to him. The second then relayed the message to the third on the stage, and the third to the fourth. It became so evident how the information loss was happening.
2. Chinese whispers: A small sentence was whispered to the first person in the room. This person relayed it to the second one in the whisper. Second to the third and so on. When the last person hearing the message spoke it out loud, the message had been totally distorted. The activity highlighted the communication loss happening in the medium.
L2L talk: By Dr Irfan Hyder: Learnings from today's activities. Briefing for parents
  • Use of gestures and tones in making the story so memorable. How children learn to speak. Listening before speaking. Trying to copy interesting styles of experts.
  • Creativity, innovation and design inculcation through the arts and craft activity. Possibility of making many more things using plaster of paris.
  • Science principles of vacum suction and friction forces.
  • Communication model and information loss.
    • What was happening in the two activities done in the skills center. How was the message getting distorted.
    • Impact on communication: Words 7%, Tone 28%, Gestures 65%. Importance of gestures especially facial expressions.