L2L Weekend Program: Funday=Sunday

L2L Club Weekend program is for parents and kids who would like to sample the power of "Learning by Doing"  methodology. It provides an opportunity to see first hand how a learning environment motivates the kids and brings on a frame of mind where learning is no longer tedious, boring and threatening. L2L opens the flood gates of curiosity, discovery, thrill and excitement associated with self learning. It is designed to bust the learning myths and to demonstrate how learning can be fun.

Weekend Program is typically held on Sundays from 11am till 1pm. Currently the the program is on hold as it is being relaunched with added features. 

The program consists of various learning activities organized under various headings.
  • Hyde Park: Riddles, poems, stories, act outs, puppet shows, presentations, songs, or whatever a kid would like to present. Even parents are welcome to present some thing to inspire the performances of the children.
  • Science Corner: Some scientific concept is presented in the form of an experiment or a model. Typically experiments are conducted by the participants both parents and children to highlight the power of collaborative learning.An F.A.Q like experience.
  • Thinking Skills Center: Here we demonstrate thinking out of the box skills through a presentation of a riddle  or a puzzle that is very easy to do but difficult to get it unless thought out of the box.
  • L2L Talk: Delivered by prominent experts on some aspect of education and children.
  • Canteen: Kids prepare the food and run the canteen transactions.
  • Arts n Craft Center: Painting, coloring, clay work, thread painting, brush painting, building artifacts with daily household materials, etc. An M.A.D like experience.
 Comment of a Visiting Parent

Assalam o alaikum


I attended L2L's Sunday Activity on the 31st October 2010 and enjoyed the 1.5 hours i was there. Here's an overview.




Hyde Park at L2L Club


When i reached HYDE PARK (speaker's corner) was in full swing. Dr. Irfan was telling a story in a very entertaining fashion which gripped the children's attention. Once done, the floor was open to anyone who wished to flex their vocal chords. some kids sang poems. There was no pressure. Kids came and used the mic till the end of the session.




At about 11.30 this special activity took place. All the children were divided into 4 groups with one adult each as team leader. They were given a limited no. of sheets (about 15 i think). Each group had to construct a tower with those sheets such that it could hold a tennis ball for at least 10 seconds. the groups were given ample time. As the whole room counted down to the 0, each group stood next to its tower. And then their tower was tested. each group came up with its own structure to sustain the weight and amazingly all did. Fanty candies were given to all as a prize.

Tower of Power




A room with easels, paper and lots of poster paints was open for any child to express his creativity. This section was specially enjoyed by the younger lot.

Art Work




Science Corner

There was a science experiment anyone could take part it. Straws were horizontally tied to a horizontal rope. An inflated balloon would be attached to one end of the straw (u inflated it yourself) then pricked. Once the balloon burst, the straw would go flying,

this showed how air pressure moves things.











There was a stall with second hand books for sale. A great idea. Parents and children skimmed through story books and picked some on their way out.




A box full of lego for children to unleash their imagination. I saw some kids with their parents busy making structures.





L2L had generously made a real microscope available for children to see cells and other microorganisms through. Though many children viewed through the lens, i saw the older ones (adults) specially enjoy this one.


Most of the activities were simultaneous and continuous so you could pick and choose at your own ease and then move on to

 the next one.


All this was in such a comfortable and friendly environment that not only did the children enjoy, the adults too readily took part in the activities. 


I was thoroughly impressed by the open heartedness and sincerity of the organisers. All activities were well thought out and a minimal fee charged (Rs.200/FAMILY!)


And of course the day wouldn't be complete without some food...there was tea and samomas for snacks.