Huzabra Farms

Huzabra Farms ( map and location; see directions) is an effort to pilot a model farm that strives to survive under harsh challenges created by senseless exploitation of nature by man. It plans to do this by conserving rain water, aggressive plantation of trees and crops with highly efficient land utilization, recycling of waste and animal farming.
View of the Farm House

Huzabra Farms near Nilore, Islamabad is an 8+ acre experiment in living in harmony with nature. Our planet is already facing tough times in near future as predicted by scientists all around the world. The effects of global warming are showing up as dwindling water resources, drier lands, warmer climates, and situations with an adverse effect on vegetation and greenery. Vanishing livestock due to increased meat demand of growing populations, environmental pollution due to non degradable industrial products, deforestation due to a lack  of effort on re-plantation and diminishing emphasis on agriculture are going to create severe food shortages in developing countries like Pakistan.

We intend to impart the passion of small level farming and back yard gardening  to every individual  who can mange to do so, in order  to help bring a green revolution in our beloved country. At the same time this effort is geared to expose ourselves, our youth, friends and families to these basic elements of nature and strengthen this ignored and forgotten bond.

Current pictures on facebook

Rainbow at the Farm (North East View)

Bright Sunny Morning (West View)

Farm Veranda (East View)

Sprawling Countryside (North View)

Looming clouds at Sunset

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