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Huzabra Farms Directions

  • Going from Convention Center towards Chak Shehzad.
  • From Rawal Dam take left on Park Road going towards Chak Shehzad.
  • After 7km the road ends in a T junction with Lehtrar Road. This is Taramari Chowk. (Now has some Captain Shaheed Name)
  • Take left on Lehtrar Road. Go about 12 km till you go past Nilore and have reached Chirah Chowk.
  • Left Fork of the Chirah chowk goes towards Bun-Karor. Take the left fork.
  • About 2km you see board of Bagh e Uzma on your left (just before a chicken farm and the banglow of Haji Nawaz).
  • Take left towards Baghe Uzma. Ours is the second gate (green) on the right after Yana Farms before the road turns left towards Uzma Farm.
map and location