i2L: Inspiration to Leadership

i2L has a series of workshops designed to inspire the youth and encourage them in pursuing career visions that motivates them, and passionately involves them in tasks that are productive for them, their families and their community and country. 

Career Visions and Planning Workshops

Designing Career Visions (DCV)

What are the considerations in the design of professional career visions. Do I need to look for job scope, advice of uncles or suggestions of peers, my own hunch or what. My whole life direction is going to depend upon it. What should I do.
A 3-hour workshop.

My Child’s Career Vision: Planning for Parents (PCV)

I am worried about what my child is going to do when he/she grows up. Is he/she responsible enough to face the world. Would he/she be able to perform up to my expectations. What planning should I do to enable him or her to great achievements in life. Is there a systematic road map.
A 3-hour workshop

Selecting a Rewarding Career that is your passion (SCV)

How do you identify and select which career vision would be my passion, interest and hobby. This workshop enables you to pick up some career choices from the list of available options and do a small research to identify whether the career offers me the passion and has to potential of becoming my hobby.
Two 3-hour sessions.

Selecting the University for my Career Vision (UCV)

Which university in which country should I select that would help me in realizing my career vision. How do I design my future steps.
A 3-hour workshop.