Designing Professional Career Visions

A 3-hour Workshop


  • Which professional career should I choose
  • How do I find out the career that would suit my personality the most
  • Should I follow my passion in deciding about my career
  • Which career has the most scope
  • How do I make the most of my career choice, how do I leverage my decision
  • Is it possible to have a career that is also my hobby
  • What would give me the most satisfaction in my life
  • Is it possible to be successful and also be a good Muslim (who follows all the Islamic rules)
  • How do I convince my family about my career choice
  • What do I need to sacrifice if I want to be successful
  • Can a professional degree help me in my business
  • Which is the best country to have a successful career; US, UK, Australia, …
  • Why is everyone so unhappy and irritated in Pakistan; cursing job, environment and every thing around them. How do I escape this despondency
  • What are the sources for advice for decisions about careers, universities, countries