My Child's Career Visions

3-Hours Workshop for Parents

  • Which career is best for my child: Doctor, engineer, business;  What other choices has scope
  • What are the most important considerations regarding my child’s career choice; scope, future demand, personality, interest
  • How do I communicate my expectations about successful career options to my child
  • At what age should my child decide about his career
  • How can I make my child learn from my experience and that of others
  • Is there a career which offers financial security and also be a hobby
  • Is it possible to be successful and also be a good Muslim (who follows all the Islamic rules)?
  • Which is the best country where my child can have a successful career: Pakistan, USA/UK/Australia, Middle East etc
  • Are there career choices that I have overlooked
  • How can my child contribute to my family business/legacy, and how can he grow/diversify it
  • How do I ensure that my child lives a happy and fruitful life
  • How do I make my child overcome the inertia