AML: Ahsan Memorial Library

There is a dearth of decent libraries in Pakistan. Existing libraries are few and not geared for serious readers and most book lovers have to depend on their own private collections. Libraries in schools, colleges and universities attract only a small percentage of students and that too mostly to obtain prescribed text or reference books. Libraries, specially for the youth, are not a place where things and events happen. Among many other reasons one is that they have never seen or experienced what a library can offer. AML Library envisions to create a demand for books and decent libraries by becoming an experience of living and happening libraries. By developing an impressive library that not only provides books but a sensory and intellectually exciting experience we not only generate interest in reading but also attract larger audience.

  • AML Library
  • AML Thought Leadership Center
  • AML Multimedia Resource Center
  • AML Book Store

Reading, Discussion Room, Workshop Facilities

Reading room facility provides a cosy environment for spending time with the best friends one can have, i.e. books.

Discussion room facilities are available for use by groups of different sizes. They are suitable for conducting intellectual discussions, group meetings and breakaway sessions. 

A fully equipped auditorium provides seminar and workshop facilities for groups of various sizes.

These facilities are also available on rental.

Personal Collections 

 AML Library houses personal collections donated by book lovers. AML library aims to preserve personal collections which are often difficult to maintain in good condition in  homes because of relocation and lack of space, manpower and expert supervision. AML is developing a repository of out-of-print book, manuscripts, correspondence, personal letters and other written artifacts representing the society and its history.

Library has started with the following collections:

Audio Books and Content 

Audio content of AML Multimedia Resource Center brings to the people the joy and pleasure of listening to excellent renditions of poetry and prose. Consisting of works of arts including those read by Zia Mohiyyuddin and Mushtaq Yousufi, the resource center aims to bring this pleasure to a large segment of population during driving and other occupations. Projects underway include:

  • Acquisition of urdu audio books
  • In house production of audio books consisting of recordings of book readings and other events at the thought leadership forums.
  • Coordination of student projects for the development of audio content

Documentary Screening and Developmental Projects

AML has a schedule for screening of documentaries, local and foreign highlighting the issues and challenges of our times.

Documentary screening is introduced by experts and is interlaced with interactions and discussions with participants.

There is a dearth of quality documentaries in Pakistan. Typical talk shows on the television indicate that they are not backed by sound and well researched effort as exemplified in short documentaries and their longer versions.

  • Documentaries development project has been initiated in collaboration with universities
  • A web based collaborative documentary development portal is under construction. This portal will enable large number of such documentaries to be developed.

Internet Resources Research

  • Internet connected workstations are available for research and intellectual pursuits.  
  • Specialized service for helping in the search of online resources is available for different kind of studies.

Collaboration with other Libraries

Inter library book loan service enables the members to access books available with partner libraries.

Cross browsing facility helps in identifying and searching for requires resources at other partner libraries.

Exchange memberships are also available with partner libraries.


There are forums and societies that explore and discover hidden trends, underpinning thoughts and cross linkages among various life positions. These include social, business, economic, cultural, historical, environmental, urban planning and other issues.

Jamaee Intellectual Society

Eminent scholar Mr. Khalid Jamaee, editor of an intellectual magazine “jareeda” will be conducting a weekly “nashist” 

Intellectual Playground

For knowledge and skills that can not be acquired just by reading books or observation, we have developed a platform where we invite eminent and distinguished people from different fields and request them to interact with, teach and guide the audience. 

Book Reading and Author Gathering

This platform allows authors and others to read and enjoy books and share the pleasure with others. Inspired by the recitations of Zia Mohiyyuddin in rendering prominent literary works in his artistic voice, and the humor of Mushtaq Yousufi, we would like to develop and spread this pleasure to a wider audience.  

Invited lecture Series

Each month an eminent personality and expert of the field would be invited to deliver a lecture on an issue of national importance.

These lectures are then made available on internet and print form. 

Counseling and Mentoring Services

Counseling and mentoring services are available from practitioners and experts of the following fields.

  • Career counselling
  • Marriage counselling and In-laws management
  • Health and diet management
  • Child education difficulties 

 Poetry Sessions

  • Arranged by eminent poets and connosieurs, the poetry recitals enthrall the invited participants
  • These sessions promote the enjoyment and pleasure of well-recited poetry 

 Book Launches

  • AML hosts book launches and provides opportunity for promotion. 

Workshop on career Planning and Visioning

  • Workshop: Designing Professional Careers Vision (DCV)
  • Workshop: Identifying a Career Vision that is your Hobby and Interest (ICV)
  • Workshop: Planning Child’s Career Vision: Planning for Parents (PCCV)
  • Selecting the University/Country for my Career Vision (SCV)

Learner's Club; L2L

L2L club environment encourages participants to readily engage in activities of their liking. It is a non-class room environment without strict regimentation of a school. The environment encourages, but does not force the children to attend. It is a fun environment that is not considered a burden. The environment  appreciates and nurtures the talents of children and takes them enables them to strive for their best.

  • L2L provides an exciting and an inviting environment that encourages self learning
  • L2L enables the participants to learn techniques for self learning
  • L2L ignites a curiosity to explore and discover
  • L2L weans off the participants from a debilitating dependence on tutors and tuition culture.
  • L2L develops self confidence and attitude for taking responsibility of our lives
  • It develops motivation

Workshops on History

 A nation not aware of its history can not create history. These workshops help in making the history come alive and become a living experience for our youth.

  • History through Movies/Documentaries:This workshop takes you through a tour of history using movies as a vehicle to illustrate epochs, civilizations and nations. Contextual background of rise and fall of nations and powers of their times is discussed.
  • History of Pakistan for O’Level Students: This workshop covers major events of history of Pakistan in interactive and stimulating sessions.

AML Bookstore

AML book store sells books in an environment where people can sit, read, discuss, and entertain themselves with cofee and tea.

Ahsan Memorial Library envisions to create an environment of thought leadership where lectures, group discussions, workshops, seminars, recitations, counselling sessions and other club activities are carried out with books, multimedia, internet, arts and craft and lab resources. AML becomes an experience of living and happening libraries, which does not only provide impressive resources but also provides a sensory and intellectually exciting experience for children and grownups alike.The facilties include book store, auditorium, discussion rooms, computer lab, activity rooms, science labs, lecture halls and office spaces in a customized building.