2010-10 Workshops on "Do You Know Pakistan? "

Do You Know Pakistan?

Understanding Iqbal’s concept of ideal state through Ibne Safi, Waheed Murad
and the people of Pakistan

This is a series of five workshops explaining the organic model of society upheld by Iqbal in which history, literature, politics, religion and education are not only interconnected but are in fact regulated by the same force, the free will of the citizens. Key concepts are discussed here with the help of excerpts from Iqbal’s works, mystery stories, movie clips and lively discussions.

The workshops will be conducted by several resource persons including Khurram Ali Shafique, Dr. Ahmad Safi, Rashid Ashraf and others.

October 2: History

October 23: Religion

October 9: Literature

October 30: Education

October 16: Politics