Ibne Safi: the Untold story

posted Mar 10, 2011, 11:59 PM by Irfan Hyder
3-Hour Workshop by Ahmad Safi & Rashid Ashraf
More than being a writer, Ibne Safi (1928-1980) was a phenomenon that shaped the minds, souls and hearts of the first generation of Pakistanis and continues to influence us even today. In his own times, he was read by rulers of states, homemakers, professors, students and drivers of trucks and rickshaws – and those who were illiterate would get his books read out to them. By failing to pay any serious attention at understanding the deeper layers of meanings in the writings of such an influential writer we have failed to understand so much about ourselves. This three-hour session offers a proper introduction to Ibne Safi for those of the new generation who may have very little knowledge of him, and a few new insights that might be new even for the most ardent fans. A special focus of the session is the connection between Ibne Safi and the kind of literature which Allama Iqbal wanted to promote. The session will be conducted by the author’s son Ahmad Safi and the young researcher Rashid Ashraf, a well-known figure of our cyberspace.